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Lab grade chanca piedra for kidney stone treatment and prevention. Made in USA in a FDA approved facility.

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Maggie H
This stuff works!

As an X-ray tech for over 20 years I have filmed a gazillion kidney stone patients but never had them myself until one day...I passed 31 stones total but the last one (a huge stone at 6mm) sat stuck half way down my ureter causing severe pain and nausea for one week despite the medicines the ER doctor prescribed to get the stones to pass. I found this awesome product on-line and decided to give it a try. I took the pills at 4:30 PM and by 9 AM the next day I had finally passed the last stone! I continued to take a maintenance dose for the following week just to make sure all the stones were gone. No issues since. I love this stuff! It works and now I'm spreading the word to anyone who has ever had stones to help them pass them quickly! I've seen far too many people in immense pain in the hospital and unfortunately the medical society frowns on natural intervention. If you have stones...try it...save yourself the pain and frustration. This stuff works!

George Vanderhoof
Its great 👍

I wish it didn't cost so much, Amen..

Manuela Becci

Just received dissolvatol today - can’t wait to try it

Greg Henshaw
So far so good.

Let me use it for 6 months then I’ll write a more informative review.

Bill Glass
Life changer!

Went from kidney stones that were not able to be passed and trying to set time to have them blasted like last time and going through pain and discomfort of a stint and emergency removal to a follow up visit with large stones gone and only a couple of tiny passable stone left - trul life changing for me!!

Karen Trussell
Works every time!

Disolvatol saved me from having a surgery to remove a 5cm. stone! Great product!

Carolyn Guthrie

I would like to discontinue my subscription to your product.I have tried calling but have been unsuccessful.Please do not send me any more of your product.

Five stars. Disolvatol works.

I did my homework on Chanca Piedra and learned a lot. Reading reviews on all the sites that sell it are interesting. Seems like some use it in conjunction with medications and I had not considered that. I found the Disovatol site and liked the idea of Lab Grade quality as well as the other supporting ingredients.
I took the product as reco'd for 6 weeks before I got results. I felt something being expelled with urine and it looked like a cloudy mass in the bottom of the toilet bowl. Over the next 2+ weeks I experienced the same cloudy mass in the bowl. Every time I passed it was the same time, when I generally get up to pee at 4:00 AM.
I didn't expect to pee like the proverbial race horse after, but there is an increase in flow. I had kidney stones that were first spotted in a scan in 2015 but were never mentioned as I'd gone to the doctor for possible colon infection, and was lucky there wasn't. Fast forward to the end of 2022 and the stones are seen again during a coronary calcium scan. I'm almost 65 and that's a routine check for heart health and the look for risk of heart disease. I got a zero. Yay! But the stones are new larger and a potential problem. I had another scan and get ramrodded through the system to get a stent inserted and then learn I have to pull it out myself. Giant WTH. How archaic.
The last straw with the $7,095 bill I had to pay as my share of the cost. I said no, I can wait 6 months for Medicare to kick in. They fought me on waiting. I'd had the stones for 8 years already. Anyway, I went online and discovered Chanca Piedra and then Disovatol and feel like I've had great results. I have not spoken to my doctor yet, but I'm ready to do another scan if he'd like to see if it worked.
I swear there is an alternative to expensive modern medicine for so many ailments. I grew up in a healthy family and eat right and exercise. Age is a b*tch but food is medicine. I have experience dealing with bladder stones as well, and take sunflower lecithin every day to prevent that. Look up lecithin, it plays a part with out pituitary gland, flushes out the liver, and since starting it daily, I can eat apples, chocolate, and dark leafy greens again and not pee grit from oxalic acid reactions. I paid $6k 16 years ago to have a golf ball sized bladder stone broken up. For profit healthcare is ridiculous.
Final thought: Disolvatol / Chanca Piedra doesn't work overnight, patience is required. It took two months for me. I'm still taking it a few times a week as a preventive measure. It's not a miracle. It sounds like it might not work for everyone. But compared to the lists of possible side effects with prescription meds I'd sooner try natural remedies. Then there's the cost difference. Going broke so a hospital corporation can post record profits for their investors is so wrong.

Made me very sick

These might work, but I can’t find out as they make me very sick.

Richard Westcott
Great product

Have been using for years now. And fingers crossed no reoccurrence of stones. Works best in conjunction with Trinephra ( when available)