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Lab grade chanca piedra for kidney stone treatment and prevention. Made in USA in a FDA approved facility.

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Maggie H
This stuff works!

As an X-ray tech for over 20 years I have filmed a gazillion kidney stone patients but never had them myself until one day...I passed 31 stones total but the last one (a huge stone at 6mm) sat stuck half way down my ureter causing severe pain and nausea for one week despite the medicines the ER doctor prescribed to get the stones to pass. I found this awesome product on-line and decided to give it a try. I took the pills at 4:30 PM and by 9 AM the next day I had finally passed the last stone! I continued to take a maintenance dose for the following week just to make sure all the stones were gone. No issues since. I love this stuff! It works and now I'm spreading the word to anyone who has ever had stones to help them pass them quickly! I've seen far too many people in immense pain in the hospital and unfortunately the medical society frowns on natural intervention. If you have stones...try it...save yourself the pain and frustration. This stuff works!

Mike Smeriglio

Ultra sound showed bladder stones
Possibly one small kidney stone. Had a bottle before I re-ordered so I started. Doc a week later on small office ultra sound ( not high quality) did not see stones. Going for another in a week or so. Hopefully either very small or it worked. Will let you know!

Daniel Lanham
Avoided surgery

Yes this product does work had a 7mm Stone and several smaller stones I refused surgery after taking Disolvatolfor a couple weeks started peeing out kidney stone fragments and I'm feeling so much better thank you so much

Kevin White
Never received it,they still have my money

Not received, still have my money

Happy Customer, but...

Love the product, been taking it for years, but I wish they would give an option of anto refill of every month, or every 2 months. A lot of us take the maintenance dose of one per day and a bottle lasts 2 months, so only need every two months. This would be awesome.

mark williams

I think it’s a scam, some veggie or whatever capsules that do nothing to get rid of kidney stones

Justin Smith


Edgar Crum
Never Receive Communications

The product seems to work well for me. However I am unable to get a monthly subscription because I am told I have a subscription already and must provide a password and then I am unable to reset the password because you never send the email for the reset and I read people cannot unsubscribe either because they cannot communicate with the company so I have to pay retail price again. I am impressed by your very sophisticated gotcha system.

Laurin McLeod


Jon Mitchell
Disolve a stone

Have had several painful kidneys stones in the past. Had 1” in kidney when started this product 2-3 years ago. Have not had any ssymptoms during that time