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Lab grade chanca piedra for kidney stone treatment and prevention. Made in USA in a FDA approved facility.

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Maggie Humbert
This stuff works!

As an X-ray tech for over 20 years I have filmed a gazillion kidney stone patients but never had them myself until one day...I passed 31 stones total but the last one (a huge stone at 6mm) sat stuck half way down my ureter causing severe pain and nausea for one week despite the medicines the ER doctor prescribed to get the stones to pass. I found this awesome product on-line and decided to give it a try. I took the pills at 4:30 PM and by 9 AM the next day I had finally passed the last stone! I continued to take a maintenance dose for the following week just to make sure all the stones were gone. No issues since. I love this stuff! It works and now I'm spreading the word to anyone who has ever had stones to help them pass them quickly! I've seen far too many people in immense pain in the hospital and unfortunately the medical society frowns on natural intervention. If you have stones...try it...save yourself the pain and frustration. This stuff works!

Christine SLETE
Dr. Advice

My doctor told me that calcium stones cannot be dissolved. Maybe uric acid stones.

Thank God for this stuff

I had been having trouble passing a stone for a couple months, so I finally broke down and tried this stuff. My 5mm kidney stone finally passed.

This does give me some very vivid (creap af) dreams if I take it at night, they went away when I started taking it in the morning.

Suffering from gout

To all gout patients reading this review: Don't give up! I have tried many home remedies (apple cider vinegar, cherries, baking soda, other pills that contain everything good for lowering uric acid) BUT, none worked for me my condition got worse as time went by. My go-to for flare up, Colchicine was not as effective as my body seemed to build tolerance.
Beginning of this year, I was searching for more natural ways to control gout. I was getting an attack at least every 2 weeks it was also affecting other joints besides foot, like ankles, wrists and knee. Not multiple joints at one time but different joint every time.
I took 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills before sleep. Total 2 bottles a month for the past 3 months and it worked for me. I havent taken a single colchicine since the start of disolvatol. I am going into my 4th month I am hoping my uric acid level will be down on my next check up. I will post updated review with the results.
If you are suffering from gout and you believe that it is getting worse, I highly recommend giving Disolvatol a shot. I felt the difference few days later and I did not stop taking them since. I plan to lower the intake to 2 pills a day after 6 months.



Darrel Brown


Jerold King
Greatest Product Ever

My wife had been suffering with Kidney Stones for 15 years every 6 months she would have surgery to blast them (not fun) about 3 years ago she had an MRI they found several large stones the smallest was 8mm. I went on line and found Disolvatol lets give it a try what can it hurt. Before the surgery almost 2 weeks later had another MRI the Technician could not believe it no more stones all the stones were gone. Have been taking it ever sense and NO MORE STONES.

Margaret Fawcett

I'll be implementing the process in a week.

Alice Parks
Disolvatol for the rest of my life

I didn't want chemicals in my body by Big Pharma. I thought I may have to take Disolvatol for the rest of my life because I have kidney stones frequently. Thanks to this company I have some where to go for help. Thanks Disolvatol, Alice🙏🏽

Shelby Thomas
Great Stuff1

Helped to dissolve my stones and pass smaller particles easily. Great stuff!